The East Africa Women’s Museum

The East Africa Women’s Museum is an extension of the Women’s Rights Initiative (WORI) and will be the first museum of its kind in East Africa.  We are dedicated to revealing the rich, diverse, and yet often overlooked history of women in Uganda and throughout the region. 

The Women’s Rights Initiative believes in the ability of women to enact transformative and lasting change in their communities. The East Africa Women’s Museum strives to further empower women in Uganda by providing a platform in which they can learn about their own history, document their experiences, and derive inspiration from the work being undertaken by women leaders and change-makers in Uganda and beyond. The museum works to provide a diverse, nuanced, and historical record of Ugandan women’s struggles and triumphs.

Our exhibitions will examine the challenges posed by historical legacies of colonialism and patriarchy as they pertain to enduring gendered forms of inequality, while at the same time problematizing mainstream historical accounts which served to erase women’s contributions. Ultimately, through a variety of exhibitions–which will combine archival sources, historical artifacts, written and oral testimony, and multi-media projects– we hope to encourage healing and dialogue, and empower visitors with the knowledge and skills to recognize and confront gendered forms of inequality in their own communities.

The museum will utilize virtual platforms in its early stages, with plans in place to expand and acquire a permanent location in the near future. A strong online presence will allow us to build our platform, engage with a wider audience, ensure the museum remains accessible to those outside Uganda, and introduce new perspectives into feminist and historical discourses. We strive to provide valuable, educational content at all stages of the museum’s development. Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the benefits of online learning necessitate a digital presence for the museum.

Revenue generated from the museum project will ultimately support the Nyonga Women’s Shelter, run by the Women’s Rights Initiative. The museum will also provide a platform for survivors formerly and currently living at the shelter to share their stories.