Sharing Survivor’s Stories

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day following a weekend of spending. To mark this special day, we are sharing a story of a former victim of domestic violence. The aim of this story is not to upset or evoke pity, but to share the amazing work of WORI. WORI is run by Ugandan citizens, who are working to improve their community. The girl in this story does not need saving; she has already been saved, and WORI is continuing to help her, as well as other vulnerable women in society. But  you help can WORI to help others. Some may find this story upsetting.

“My name is Rose, I met the man when I was at school. He used to bring me sweets, chapatti and eggs. He used to touch me and tell me: “sweet heart, I love you” and after he took me to his place. He took me as his wife, and we have a child together, but then he ran away. The police forced him to come back, but the abuse got worse. He doesn’t give me food or clothes, I don’t even have knickers. He slaps me and claims the child is not his, he doesn’t appreciate me and he forces me to carry heavy jerry cans. I am just suffering. He tells me I am HIV positive yet I was fine before I met him.

My parents will accept me but my mum cannot come for me because of the transport costs”

WORI helped Rose get back to her parents, train to obtain a job with income and start a new life. But there are so many girls like Rose who need help; they need medical attention, access to a lawyer and often they need a safe place to sleep for a night or two, so that they can make a plan. WORI does not always have the facilities to help; often women and child victims stay at WORI’s staff houses, but this is difficult as we have our own families and there is little room. Please consider helping us to build a permanent place were women can access justice.

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