Domestic & Gender-Based Violence Awareness

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Despite the recent Domestic Violence Act (2010), the number of women experiencing GBV in Uganda is increasing. Furthermore:

2/3 of Ugandan households have experienced domestic violence
In some regions of Uganda, incidence of GBV is as high as 72%
Marital rape is still not recognized under the penal code
25% of girls first sexual experience was associated with the use of force
1/5 women experience sexual violence everyday
Uganda is ranked 126th out of 160 countries in the Gender Inequality Index

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One of the biggest problems is that women often don’t realize that violent acts perpetrated against them are abuse, because violence against women is sadly a very normalized practice and many women feel they have no other option but to ‘put up with it’. This holds even more true for psychological abuse, as it is harder to recognize because it doesn’t leave physical wounds.

Awareness Training

In order to prevent violence from occurring, WORI leads awareness trainings in communities about domestic and gender-based violence. Our training covers what constitutes different forms of violence (eg. sexual, physical, psychological, financial), what the effects can be and what the cycle of violence entails.

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More and more men are being included in the awareness sessions, which helps change attitudes towards violence and make it less socially acceptable for everybody.

Even when a woman is aware she’s a victim of abuse, she may not know how to react and what steps to take to get help and remove herself from that situation. WORI provides vital information about rights and avenues of support in such situations. Trainings are a safe space where women can share their experiences freely, ask questions and support each other.

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WORI has been leading advocacy programmes and awareness trainings on GBV for over 10 years. So far in 2019, awareness sessions have reached over 430 individuals, and our radio broadcasts on GBV awareness and prevention have reached a further 2-3 million people, enabling lasting changes in perceptions and attitudes towards violence against women.

We’ve also noticed that after our trainings, some women choose to become domestic violence counsellors and trainers, which is an amazing step towards a society in which women are able to receive the help and support they deserve.