Awareness Trainings

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In Uganda, radio is the main source of both information and entertainment. With that in mind, WORI partnered with Phoebe Education Group to present radio broadcasts about sexual and reproductive health and rights across four districts of Busoga region – Jinja, Iganga, Mayunge and Namutumba – which have populations concentrated in farming communities. These districts have high rates of poverty and low rates of education and literacy, often as a result of premature death of adults from AIDS. When heads of families pass away, their children and dependants are left without money and education. Thus, radio broadcasts allowed us to spread awareness to a wide audience.

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Over four sessions, topics included:

  • Preventative measures against HIV transmission
  • Caring for someone with HIV/AIDS
  • Stigma against children, especially orphans, living with HIV/AIDS
  • How to combat stigmas as a community

A key part of our radio programmes was community interaction. We invited children living with AIDS onto the broadcast to explain their personal experiences and their suggestions for reduce stigma against those living with AIDS. Listeners could call or send SMS with comments or questions about the topics, and local health professionals gave specific treatment and prevention advice.

Engagement with the broadcasts was hugely positive, with many calls coming in from listeners. To keep the dialogue and learning going, WORI and Phoebe Education Group invited people to visit the offices in person to be involved in peer education, and we were excited to see a lot of community members show up in person to learn more.