WORI was founded in 2007 by three young women in Jinja, Uganda. The organization was formed to respond to the epidemic of women’s rights and poverty in Uganda. Our main aim is to enhance the capacity of women to support their personal development and health. The organization has a special interest in the plight of women and youth as they are most susceptible to vulnerability psychologically, physically, socially, and economically.

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WORI Vision

A society free from violence that recognizes the needs and rights of women and youths.

WORI Mission

Empowering women and youth to advocate against violence through human rights education, information sharing, strengthening capacities, and visibility.

Why WORI is needed?

WORI’s existence stems from challenging the traditional culture and upbringing of women in Uganda and Africa where a patriarchal society is dominant causing women and girls to be considered less important and afforded fewer or no privileges. We strive to educate and empower women and girls to contribute towards policy formulation at grassroots level, encouraging leadership and self-reliance as well as being able to stay healthy and in free violent communities.

WORI is who she is because we believe in women having the potential to make tremendous change. We think of women as a great treasure to communities and families, especially when we think critically about social economic growth. We believe in extending opportunities to girls and women and fully agree that change might never be realized if women are left on the sidelines in planning, implementation, and collective decision-making as well as leadership.

We have faith that this holistic approach gives women a great chance to exploit their potential, not only to them but to the people around them, which enabling their children and families to benefit from this empowerment.