Leadership Capacity Building Program

A survivor and her community leader

Be the leader you desire

WORI, in her efforts to engage women in comprehensive decision making, advocacy and policy formulation, empowers women with leadership skills under our project “ be a leader you desire. ” This project engages local women leaders in discussions of topics about leadership and governance, communication as a tool to great leadership, team work and conflict resolution, gender and women’s rights, and campaigning for political positions as grassroots women. This program aims at empowering grassroots women to actively engage in decision making policies and laws on issues that affect women. The trainings are designed in a simplified manner that’s able to be understood by all women. The trainings help women to have a better understanding of leadership and use the knowledge within their groups to enable them develop further.

Our efforts have enabled women to lead their village groups effectively and join political local council leadership positions to influence policies at grassroots levels.

Case story

My name is Nalongo Joy Musubika with 31 year of age living in Namulesa village. In 2014, I participated in a three weeks” be the leader you desire” training which became my eye opener regarding how important it was for women to participate in formation of by laws.

At my village many women engage in road side businesses including selling foods and vegetables. The local council leaders through a meeting had passed a bylaw of women stopping to sell their goods by 8:00pm every day. This had greatly affected the women’s businesses and they had no way of reaching their voice to the council authorities.

In march 2015, I was requested to present a women’s petition to the local council which requested for a chance for women to air out their grievances’ regarding the by law that was passed. In the Petition women requested the council to extend the time of sale of their goods to 10:00pm to enable them sale more goods and raise money for their children’s needs.

Am happy that the council granted our request and I know this was possible because of the communication and leadership training I got. Because of the leadership abilities I exhibited the women requested me to represent them at the parish level. During the just concluded elections I contested and won a position for being a women’s representative at parish level. Am confident about my ability to lobby for greater opportunities.

Many women still need these trainings to become better leaders. Am thankful for this opportunity offered to us by WORI. This training is an eye opener to most women and I encourage women to participate.

Success story

Am Namuwaya Susan 29 years of age the chairperson Mpayenda Kizibu women’s group in Muguluka Buwenge sub county. During an identification in process for women leaders in July 2014, WORI gave me an opportunity to come for the women group leaders training in which I fully participated together with my committee. Mpayenda kizubu women’s group engages in savings , credit and has a goat rearing business.

Our group has been in existence for 5 years but was stagnant, with poor savings, members could not meet regularly and were not respective of the committee because they had a lot of doubts in women’s potential to lead the group which had greatly affected the our activities. After the training, I went ahead and passed on the skills and knowledge I and my team had learnt, this enabled us to come up with by laws.

To me conflict resolution being related to wild animals and how they are able to survive in the wild compared to people with different behaviors coming together in a group to work together taught me a lot on how to resolve group conflicts and group cohesion

My group has greatly improved and we now have savings up to 2.8 million shillings. The leadership and management skills have made it easier for me to steer the group in right direction. Am happy that we are moving towards a direction that will enable us to save more and improve on our personal businesses.