WORI spends 78% of her money on community development initiatives. The funds we receive are planned carefully and spent according to the projects we believe can cause sustainable change in the villages and communities we serve. We believe that working with diverse societies, having learning aids to ensure effective outreach to our women, both literate and illiterate, is paramount and therefore we invest in making women understand the value of taking the center stage in changing their lives.

All our staff are based in our Jinja office, in Uganda and receive a wage average to the local area. WORI is committed to low cost, effective and sustainable projects.

WORI is happy to share its spending activity and if you have any more questions please contact us.

wori spending

Women Rights Initiative welcomes donations of any size; your money truly does help the work that we do. One hundred percent of the money raised through donations is spent directly on program materials and operations. For more information about current projects, how your money could be used and other fundraising opportunities please visit our contact page and ask any questions that you may have.

Every penny you donate can make a difference,

US$ 5 can buy food for a family in need.

US$ 10 can start purchase clothes for an abandoned woman.

US $ 15 can enable an abandoned woman afford scholastic materials for a child.

US $ 20 can start a small local poultry project for a woman/ girl (school drop out)

US $ 50 can enable a battered woman access medical treatment and care.

US $ 75 can repair a roof for a family.

US $ 100 can pay school fees for a child for a term